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Below is a list of ICPP's MA students and their theses projects. Digital versions are available to read at WesScholar.


Constanza Armes-Cruz 
“Arts Workers in Precarity: Organized Responses to the Gig Economy of Performing Arts Worlds”
Advisor: Michelle Millar Fisher 

Emma Clarke
“Dance Retrospection and The Museum”
Advisor: Rebecca Chaleff 

Sarah Conn
“Layering Strategies: Interdisciplinary Performance Creation as Curatorial Act”
Advisor: Tania El-Khoury

Erin Donohue
“Quiet Protest: Minor Gestures in Contested Spaces”
Advisor: Katie Brewer Ball 

Molly Feingold
“The Fabulous Performativity of Objects: Cunning Enactments of Redress”
Advisor: Amber Jamilla Musser

Jamie Gahlon
“Commons-Based Approaches in Contemporary Theatre and Performance: Resisting Twenty-First Century Enclosure at Double Edge Theatre, the Latinx Theatre Commons, and HowlRound Theatre Commons”
Advisor: Shannon Jackson 

J. Alex Mathews
“Alone Differently: Contemporary Solo Performance in Dance”
Advisor: Olivia Michiko Gagnon

John Freeman
“Mourning Horizons: Archiving the Present and Envisioning Post-COVID-19 Futures Through Performance“
Advisor: Jaime Shearn Coan 

Alma Quintana Lazcano 
“Anticolonial choreopolitics: feminist performative forces to rewrite archives and histories”
Advisor: Denise Ferreira da Silva


Raechel Hofsteadter
“Mobilizing Dance Legacies: Curating Embodied Archives Through the Praxes of Jennifer Harge and Anna Martine Whitehead”
Advisor: Rebecca Chaleff

Candace Thompson-Zachery
“Encounters in Caribbean Dance: Curating Beyond Display”
Advisor: Laura Harris

Beatrice Basso
“Curating in Translation: Oblique Gestures of Repair”
Advisor: Rayya El Zein


Victoria Carrasco-Dominquez
“Public Art as Performance: Curating the Utopian Sculpture In and Out of the Museum”
Advisor: Mechtild Widrich

Gillian Fallon 
“Eurydice Walking: Reclaiming the Curator as Flâneuse with Janet Cardiff's Her Long Black Hair”
Advisor: Nikki Cesare Schotzko

Jessica Williams
"Reimagining the Civic-Minded Institution with Ja Wole Willa Jo Zollar and Liz Lerman: A Social Justice Continuum of Performance Curatorial Frameworks and Social Work”
Advisor: Barbara Adams

Laura Paige Kyber
“Empathetic Rumblings: Curating Relations in Room 21 at the Barnes Foundation”
Advisor: Ashley Ferro Murray

Deborah Goffe
“Orienting Ourselves to See: Mapping Nested Dance Ecosystems as Curatorial Practice in New England”
Advisor: Sarah Wilbur


Michelle Daly
“Curating Performance at the University: A Rhizomatic Practice”
Advisor: Paul Bonin Rodriguez

Katrina De Wees 
“Curating the End of American Rape Culture: Racial, Sexual and Gender-based Violence, Power and Transformation in Institutional Landscapes of Cultural Memory”
Advisor: Shanté Paradigm Smalls

Ellina Kevorkian 
“Recasting Monumentality: Performances of Public Protest at Confederate Monuments”
Advisor: Rebecca Schneider

Brian Lee
“Hiding Your Present From You: Relating the Musical and Queer Contexts of Arthur Russell”
Advisor: Roger Grant

Marsha Reid
“Harlem (1917–2017) Public Space: Culture of Exclusion, Exclusion of Culture”
Advisor: Barbara Adams

Ali Rosa-Salas
“Knowing One's Power: Decolonial Approaches to Curatorial Practice”
Advisor: Jackson Polys

Rachel Scandling
“Curating Feminist Performance in Los Angeles: Alternative Practices”
Advisor: Andy Campbell

Michèle Steinwald
“slut, angel, animal, vegetable, mineral, water, light, love, god, spirit, dust, beauty, universe: an embodied inventory of elements at play in Deborah Hay’s choreography”
Advisor: Katherine Brewer Ball


Paige Blansfield  
“WORDS, LIFE, AND ALL: Language, Performativity and Engagement in the Theater”
Advisor: Paul Bonin-Rodriguez

Christy Bolingbroke 
“Designing a 21st Century Dance Ecology: Questioning Current Practices and Embracing Curatorial Interventions”
Advisor: Colleen Jennings-Roggensack

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
“The Blood Was On Their Shoulders: Mapping Black Intersectional Identities within Curatorial Practice”
Advisor: Judy Hussie-Taylor 

Cori Olinghouse 
“Mapping the Unruly: Imagining a Methodology for the Archiving of Performance”
Advisor: Karinne Keithley Syers

Jessica Wasilewski
“Effecting Dynamic Cultural Exchange Through the Performing Arts: Three Case Studies of U.S. Exchange with Asia”
Advisor: Rachel Cooper


John Andress
“Choreographic Transformations: Creative Documentation in Dance”
Advisor: Tim Griffin

Megan Brian
“COME TOGETHER: Changing Models of Arts Organizations in San Francisco”
Advisor: Frances Phillips

Randal Fippinger
“Practicing Community: Examining and Reimagining Community-based Performance Practice in Williamstown”
Advisor: Cathy Edwards

Julie Potter 
“Curating Encounter in the Public Sphere”
Advisor: Shannon Jackson